Creative Soul

Memories of my childhood revolve around me being totally absorbed in making things. Every scrap transformed into something! Paper, card from cereal boxes, washed up wood all fashioned to create a whole world with houses and cottages, always perched on the edge of coast. People made to populate this world were dressed in hand stitched clothes and linen made to flap in the wind on their washing lines. I painted their books and filled their tiny post office with stationery and stamps perforated using my little sewing machine. Hours were spent combing the endless beaches for treasure and everything that was found was transformed into something. I built, carved and whittled.


This passion for creating has followed all through my life like a precious thread. When I trained as a teacher after attending Laban one of the driving forces was to engender creativity, in the broadest sense and meaning of the word, and to use it to enliven learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Today everything I design and make is made by hand in a beautiful studio on the diminutive island of St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly; its tiny population the most southwesterly community in England.   Opened in 2014 the Island Hall studios, part of a superb award winning building just down past the  iconic lighthouse, are home to a small group of creative makers.   The  building itself is a true inspiration. Sheltering us from the massive and awe-inspiring Atlantic storms building has a deep protective voice as it howls around us. In downpours the zinc down pipes and gutters play their own magical music and it is designed to maximise the stunningly clear, bright Scilly light.

Sitting right at the edge before a vast ocean stretches away past the indomitable and majestic Western Rocks and Bishop Rock lighthouse to other side of the world.  I work in this haven surrounded by awesome beauty. I strive to combine functionality and simplicity; the colour palette a reflection of this breathtakingly beautiful island I am lucky enough to call home.

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