Hello from the UK’s most southwesterly potter! Checking in from 49.89°N 6.34°W.

These are the coordinates of St Agnes Isles of Scilly. The furthest flung little speck of land out in the Atlantic off the tip of Cornwall.

I thought today was the perfect way to start my blog from the pottery – it’s my birthday! We didn’t make firm plans because the weather changes so quickly here. Having woken to a grey, cloudy morning the next weather front arrived and you could see the blue edge heading in almost like a great big blind rolling back to bring a beautiful sunny day. So rather than spending the morning tidying up the pottery decided that a trip in our boat would be a better way to spend the day!

We took the long route up to Tresco – another island in the Isles of Scilly – skirting white sand beaches without a soul on them, crossing the shallow turquoise waters and mooring just off the beach. We lunched at the restaurant on the beach, with a glass of champagne, of course!

The beauty of these islands is staggering. It literally takes your breath away. The colours, in the most intensely clear light, are phenomenal. One of my quests is to be able to create a glaze that reflects the most incredible aquamarine colour as the sea meets the white sands. I feel so lucky that the pottery world is so generous and established and talented potters are willing to share their glaze recipes with such kindness.

Studio tidying is top of the list for tomorrow and tackling recycling some clay before it takes over!

Really nice to think that some of you, somewhere, might get to read how things are in this remote little place!