My beautiful old Leach kick wheel

Under the watchful eye of our beautiful old lighthouse - setting up to throw outside my studio today as I’m firing my kiln and need to be out in the fresh air! Good excuse to be en plein air! It’s a bit hazy this morning and the easterly wind is really chilly so will have to don all the layers I brought with me. (Trusting the sun’s going to burn off the haze and warm up a bit!)

I’ve been joined already by a rabbit, a very vocal wren and swallows! Bliss! The island rabbit population is certainly growing - since our amazingly successful Seabird Recovery project which saw rats bring totally removed from the island back in 2013. Read more about it at Isles of Scilly Seabird Recovery Project.Since the rats have gone the Manx Shearwaters chicks have been able to thrive - their story is remarkable! The chicks ‘stargaze’ to fix their global position then make a voyage of over 6000 miles to South America! It’s wonderful to see them already this spring. Anyway! On with the outdoor throwing! Hope you’re all keeping safe and well x