A dawn start

Sometimes having my kiln away from home - even when it's only about five minutes walk away - seems a bit of a bind- but then there are mornings like this morning when getting up at dawn to come down to the studio to switch on a glaze firing is a complete joy! This morning dawned clear but with a definite nip in the air; summer ebbing away and a whiff of autumn carrying in on a stiff westerly wind. The beach looks scrubbed white clean by a big high tide and the boats all rocking around on their moorings. Just outside the studio the chamomile meadow is a favourite place for our fabulous, internationally important colony of Lesser black-backed gulls to come and bathe in the pool in the early morning and then gather for a preening session. I love seeing them all standing facing the same direction, beaks into the wind. Great to see lots of their juveniles exploring the meadow; they seem fascinated by the cricket mat! At the edge of the area a couple of adult gulls keep a look out, steering babies back when they stray a bit too far .

My kiln is on. New glazes on my latest shapes. Very exciting! It'll be 24 hours before I'll know how they turn out! My baby bread crock looked great with its glaze of deep blue and matt white looked promising so everything crossed!

Dawn - the rain has passed and the island feels washed clean