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My tiny studio is nestled down on one of the old, minuscule flower pieces - a pebble's throw from the white sands of Periglis beach. I design and make all my pots in this idyllic location.


I use soft textured clay dug from St Agnes in Cornwall or from treasured clay sourced here on St Agnes, Scilly. Tiny amounts of the clay I uncover can only be sourced at exceptionally low tides, maybe on just a handful of days in the year.  After throwing on my simple wheel I carefully dry and trim the pieces ready for glazing. I mix my own glazes from a range of minerals, aiming to emulate the palette of this ridiculously beautiful place!


Kelp has been harvested and burnt in kelp pits here on the island for centuries and I use this ancient ingredient in a selection of glazes. There are blues, of course but also colours of the incredible pinks and greys of the island granite and the colour of the  flowers that are still grown commercially - bright yellows and oranges: colours perfectly mirrored in the yellows and oranges of the prolific periwinkles washed up in quantity.


There is incredible clarity to the light here and sunshine and Atlantic storms to inspire. Once glazed my pots to fired to 1280 degrees  in an electric kiln here in my studio. It's a day long process and after cooling for a further 24 hours the kiln opening is much anticipated.  

"The alchemy of turning simple earth to unique pots is extraordinary

- and quite addictive"




"I love these little limpet shaped salt and pepper pots so much!  I bought them as a gift for someone but when I got them home and looked at them again, I loved them so much I had to keep them!"



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"Thrilled with our beautiful porcelain and cobalt fruit bowl. Commissioned for our 4th wedding anniversary: Fruit - symbolising living and growing together."


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